Suspension and Steering


Not many vehicular issues are as noticeable as a car that has a bouncy or unstable ride. A car that is not comfortable to drive or ride in is instantly noticed by everyone in the vehicle. For both your comfort and the overall long life of your vehicle, you should have this issue inspected as soon as possible.

Typically, there are two systems directly impact how bouncy and unstable your ride is. The first is the tires. Since the tires are the only part of your vehicle that come into direct contact with the road, they can often be the difference between a smooth ride and an incredibly uncomfortable one. This is sometimes magnified by the desire many motorists have today for very-low-profile tires.

Most often, the stability and comfort of the ride is determined by the suspension system. One of the primary goals of the suspension system is to lessen the impact of the road on the body of the car, and also on the driver and passengers. The suspension system takes the impact that the wheels are subject to, and absorbs and resists much of the force so that it is not applied to the rest of the vehicle.

Some of the most likely causes for poor ride and handling are damaged struts or shocks, a lack of lubrication in the suspension, overinflated tires, a broken belt within a tire, or even warped brake rotors.

When you come to automotive shop, our technicians know what to look for when healing your “rough rider” issues. If your vehicle has handling issues, bring it in today for a full suspension inspection.

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